An Especially Glaring Implication…

On Wednesday July 22, 2015 in Green Bay, WI, former detective Randy Winkler, takes the stand at an evidentiary hearing for Keith Kutska-one of six defendants in the 1992 paper mill death of Tom Monfils. I’d like to point out the reason for this extended hearing date. Mr. Winkler had a vacation planned during the July 8-9 court dates and was given permission to take his leave despite being subpoenaed.

During the first phase of the hearing we heard testimony from witnesses that described his actions during the investigation. They resembled tactics far differently than what he describes in the video clip I’ve provided. On Wednesday, he will have the chance to clear the air, once and for all.

Green Bay Press Gazette

One final note: After the convictions were handed down and Mr. Winkler achieved success in solving the largest case to date in Wisconsin history, he disappeared into obscurity and was never heard from again…that is…until this whole case was revived close to two decades later…

2 thoughts on “An Especially Glaring Implication…

  1. Carol A. Hand

    Joan, I thought of you and your work today when I watched an interesting documentary on Netflix today, “Crime after Crime”, about Deborah Peagler. Although her case was very different, there seem to be many similarities in terms of prosecutorial misconduct and deception. I look forward to your next post about the outcome of the hearing!

  2. Joan Treppa

    Thank you Carol for your wonderful comments and for the heads up. I will have to look for that program. It sounds very interesting. Most wrongful conviction cases are very similar in nature indeed. I am almost finished with the last phase of the hearing blog. It was a tough one with a lot of legal content I do not always follow. I had to do a lot of consulting but I hope to post it later today.


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