Being Thoughtful and Giving Thanks…

Every day, I think about my many blessings. And I never forget about those who struggle daily to achieve some semblance of happiness. I’m especially mindful of those who dread any and all special occasions due to the lack hope and basic freedoms the rest of us take for granted. So in the very spirit of what I believe the holidays are all about-a nurturing of deep connections with family and friends-I give to you, a special gift, a thought provoking tribute….

Transformation is Real

Please join me in the celebration of hope, possibilities and life itself.

Thank you….and may you and yours enjoy a happy, safe and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday.

Footnote: Daniel Maurer is a non-fiction author and freelance writer/blogger who has experienced many challenges in his life. He generously offered his blog spot as an opportunity for me to share my story. I am deeply grateful for people like Daniel who truly care about the struggles of others and who seek to send a message of hope and comradery to those who have neither. Please check out his amazing journey while visiting his site. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Being Thoughtful and Giving Thanks…

  1. Daryl Donath

    Good work. I never knew about the rope, suicide possibility, etc but I have always known Rey Moore was not involved–gut feeling and having lived there know that black men are excluded and would only be used by a white man in that mill. I am a white woman but saw so much. I have tried to send things to the Innocence Project but heard nothing. Your research and thinking sounds solid to me. This has weighed on me since it happened.

    1. Joan Treppa

      Thank you for reaching out. Yes, this truly is a messed up and tragic case and the public was left in the dark about a possible suicide. It was never addressed during the trial because of incompetent lawyers. My sister who lives in Green Bay has known Rey for over 30 years and she also knows for a fact that he is not a murderer. Because of my close involvement with these men and their families for the past 7 years, I am certain that all of the men are innocent and that it definitely was a suicide.


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